Pest control tip: Cricket: friend or foe?

by editor on May 12, 2011

How many times have you heard that you shouldn’t kill crickets because they’re completely harmless? That is somewhat true; crickets are entirely harmless to humans and pose no threat whatsoever. However, they can cause damage to the inside of your home.

Crickets feed on decaying plant material for the most part, but also feed on paper, fabric and human food. Pest control specialists say crickets also feed on the carcasses of other dead crickets in the case that there is no other food source.

Even though crickets pose no serious threat or harm, keeping them out of your home is probably better not only for your belongings that could be a potential food source, but for the crickets as well. Crickets tend to migrate indoors during spells of cold weather, and then eventually head back outside once warmer weather comes around.

To protect your home from a cricket visit, make sure all windows and doors are sealed and shut tightly. These chirping critters are attracted to moisture, and Florida pest control experts suggest keeping weeds and other plant life away from your home’s perimeter.

If a cricket does find its way into your home, catching it might be a difficult task as they are not likely to be seen in plain sight during daylight. There are traps available, but Florida pest control technicians recommend just waiting them out. Eventually the crickets will return to the outside world.

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