Pest control tip: Keeping bats out of your attic

by editor on April 12, 2011

Most people find bats creepy because they resemble oversized rats with wings, but the real reason people should be creeped out is because bats carry diseases and could be harmful to your health. Getting bitten by a bat is not very likely, but they may find your attic to be a convenient place to hide out during the day.

Their presence in your home, although possibly undetected, can lead to breathing and other health hazards because of the fecal matter they leave behind. If the droppings are left over long periods of time, they develop a fungus which creates spores. Inhaling these spores leads to histoplasmosis, which creates a flu-like cough and if left untreated, is fatal.

To prevent bats from entering your home, some detective work is needed. Pest control specialists have a few tips on how to keep your home bat-free.

  • Find any holes or entrance points around your roof where bats are able to enter your attic. Seal these holes off immediately.
  • Make sure your chimney trap is working properly and there are no holes or spaces there.
  • Pest control experts say bats do not like fiberglass insulation, so if your attic doesn’t have this type of insulation and bats have been a consistant problem for you, it might be a wise investment.
  • Since bats do not like daylight (which is why they’re hiding out in your attic in the first place), try keeping a light on in the attic at night.

If bats have been a problem for you over the years, it is best to call your local Florida pest control company for expert advice. They will be able to detect hiding places and possibly even clean the area to remove the health hazards.

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