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Lawn Care Sarasota FL
Lawn Fertilization

Throughout the last three decades, Lawn Care Extraordinaire has perfected the methods and practices necessary to keep grass in southwest Florida healthy, lush and green. Our lawn service professionals will apply the correct amount of fertilization to replenish the soil and feed the grass. We also regularly apply a special mix of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides to keep out ugly weeds and pesky pests. For premium lawn care, Sarasota FL residents should call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today!

Lawn Care Bradenton FL
Traditional & Premium Programs

Florida lawns can differ greatly depending on the area in which you live. We have traditional and premium programs for St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass and Bahia grass. Each program includes lawn pest control and weed control options. But what makes Lawn Care Extraordinaire truly extraordinary is that these programs include FREE service calls. To learn more about our premier programs of lawn care, Bradenton FL homeowners should call Lawn Care Extraordinaire for the quality service you deserve!

Lawn Care Venice FL
Weed Control

If you’re like most people, the sight of weeds in your lawn makes you crazy. We offer trusted treatments that will effectively destroy existing broadleaf weeds. As the best in lawn care Venice FL, Lawn Care Extraordinaire wants to make sure our valued customers are always satisfied!

Lawn Care Sarasota FL
Fungus Control

Florida lawns are always more susceptible to fungal infections because of our warmer temperatures, requiring specialized lawn care. Sarasota FL homeowners will find that our trained experts will meticulously apply fungicide to effectively protect your lawn from diseases such as brown patch and gray leaf spot. Call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today for a FREE consultation!

Lawn Care Bradenton FL
Insect Control

Weeds aren’t the only health threat to your lawn. Insects can cause even more damage by destroying vital root systems. Brown and yellow patches of dry grass are an indicator that insects have been doing damage to your turf. For the best lawn care Bradenton FL, call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today for all your insect control needs!

Lawn Care Venice FL
Grub Control

No one can predict if their lawn will be damaged by grubs. The best way to avoid costly, late summer turf damage is with early treatments designed to prevent grub populations from increasing. Our motto is, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that certainly applies to these pests! Call the lawn care Venice FL experts today for a quote!

Lawn Care Sarasota FL
Fire Ant Control

As experts in lawn care, Sarasota FL is home to a company that provides the best solution to get rid of these painful pests. TopChoice is a revolution in fire ant control because a single application virtually eliminates fire ants for one year. Guaranteed. Plus it saves time and cuts costs. For fire ant control you can rely on, call the lawn care experts at Lawn Care Extraordinaire today!

Lawn Care Bradenton FL
Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are a serious threat to St. Augustine lawns, especially during hot, dry weather. These pests dehydrate your lawn by sucking the sap out of the grass while also injecting a poison, killing the grass completely. Once the grass becomes weakened, it is more susceptible to fungus and weed problems. If you’re looking for the best in lawn care, Bradenton FL homeowners should call Lawn Care Extraordinaire. We have the products and the expertise to save your lawn from these destructive lawn killers!

Lawn Care Venice FL
Grass Plug Installation

If your lawn is no longer responding to fertilization treatments, it might be time for a complete lawn renovation. We begin by marking the area to be renovated and kill off the existing grass by spraying chemicals. Once the old grass is dead, our specialists will install the new grass plugs and begin a new regimen of lawn care. Venice FL homeowners will be pleased to have a green, lush lawn where there once was none!

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