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If you have St. Augustine grass, you need to be particularly concerned about the presence of chinch bugs. These insects are a serious threat, especially during hot, dry weather, and require specialized lawn care. Sarasota FL residents who are familiar with chinch bugs know that these pests dehydrate your lawn by sucking the sap out of the grass while also injecting a poison, killing the grass completely. This feeding and poisoning weakens the grass, making it more susceptible to fungus and weed problems that can seriously mar the beauty of your lawn. As one of the best companies in the region, Lawn Care Extraordinaire has the products and the expertise to save your lawn from these destructive insects. Let us offer you the best preventative care so chinch bugs don’t stand a chance!

Lawn Service Sarasota FL

One of the most important services we offer is weed control. Like most homeowners, the sight of weeds in your lawn probably makes you crazy. When you start seeing weeds, you need quick intervention from a qualified company offering premium lawn service. Sarasota FL residents who are customers of Lawn Care Extraordinaire already know the secret to a weed-free lawn! We offer trusted treatments that will effectively destroy existing broadleaf weeds. As the absolute best, Lawn Care Extraordinaire wants to make sure our valued customers are always satisfied! Call today for a FREE consultation!

Sarasota Lawn Care

Insects can be just as devastating to your lawn, and in some cases, more so. They cause damage by destroying vital root systems that disrupt the flow of water and nutrients to the grass blades. Brown and yellow patches of dry grass are an indicator that insects have been doing damage to your turf and should be a sign that you need a Sarasota lawn care company that has all the answers to insect problems. Call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today for all your insect control needs!

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Lawn Care Extraordinaire has been a trusted source of Sarasota lawn service for more than 30 years. Our professionally trained specialists will not only make your lawn the epitome of perfection, but they will always arrive on time and be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your lawn care regimen.

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