Pest Control Tip: Your outdoor BBQ could be a Pest Control Brandenton FL haven

by on December 6, 2012

The very sight of your grill may inspire a happiness that’s almost incomparable to anything else. Standing in front of your BBQ, basting brush in one hand, cool beverage in the other, feeling the ultimate domination of man over meat. So when spring comes around and you’re chomping at the bit to get your grill out and invite summer to an early appearance, you may be dismayed when you take the cover off and look inside to find that your beloved grill has served as a Pest Control Brandenton FL haven during the dormant months.

If you think about it, an outdoor grill is the perfect spot for rodents and other bugs. Leftover remnants of last summer’s feasts and the dried grease drippings are open invitations for critters looking for a good food source. Furthermore, it’s the perfect place to keep warm, stay out of the elements and store their own food supply.

Many grill owners may be tempted to throw out their grill and start anew, but more than likely this isn’t going to be a one-time problem and buying a new grill each summer may prove costly. With the help of a good sanitizer, you can restore your grill to like-new status. You can use anti-bacterial wipes along with a metal grill brush that is designated to only be your de-pest brush and a good de-greasing spray to pull off this feat and return your grill into a clean and sanitary place to create summer BBQ blowouts.

In order to make this task a bit easier, take all removable parts off of the grill and immerse them into boiling water that has had Dawn or another de-greasing dish detergent added to it and let these parts soak for 20 minutes or so. After you’ve cleaned and de-sanitized, turn the grill on (if it’s gas powered) or place charcoal within and set afire. The extreme heat will complete the process and kill off any lingering bacteria.

This may actually also be the perfect time to call your Pest Control Brandenton FL control company and find out how you can stop Pest Control Brandenton FLs from infiltrating your grill once the season is over.

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