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Pest Control Sarasota FL

Lawn Care Extraordinaire offers outstanding perimeter pest control. Sarasota FL residents deserve the very best and we are prepared to offer it by treating the exterior of your home. These treatments will help to control the number of pests that gain access to the inside of your home, such as ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, wasps, muddobbers and many more. Additionally, we will seal off all entrance points, including windows, doorways and underneath eaves and outdoor patios. For premium pest control you can rely on, call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today!

Sarasota Pest Control

Our unparalleled pest control treatments will keep your perimeter and your home insect-free throughout the season – guaranteed. Our Sarasota pest control agents will ensure every nook and cranny is methodically sprayed in order to keep you and your family protected from infestations of harmful and nuisance insects. For the best pest control in all of Florida, call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today!

Exterminator Sarasota

Fleas and ticks are infamous for carrying diseases that can threaten the health of humans and pets alike. For residents of Florida, ants are also a common problem both inside and outside of the home and can become a real nuisance without the help of an experienced exterminator. Sarasota homeowners whose homes have been overrun with ants, fleas and ticks know there’s only one call to make – Lawn Care Extraordinaire.

Pest Control Sarasota Florida

Lawn Care Extraordinaire is a highly qualified company that offers second-to-none pest control. Sarasota Florida is home to many unwanted pests that can create serious problems for homeowners. Lawn Care Extraordinaire is sensitive to these problems and has experience in handling many varieties of insects. Our specialists have the knowledge and the treatments to wipe out any existing insect infestation, as well as ward off any future invasions. Call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today for a FREE consultation!

Sarasota Exterminators

When it comes to our customers, Lawn Care Extraordinaire wants to make sure all their needs are taken care of, which is why we have a full staff of Sarasota exterminators. If you are experiencing an insect infestation, call us today and we’ll be out ASAP to make sure bugs don’t take over your lawn or home.

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