Tree Care Advice for Tree Disease

by on June 28, 2012

Having a tree care professional care for your ornamentals is an extremely advantageous service that may save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Trees are an expensive investment to our properties and if they get sick, the health of your overall landscape could be at risk. Imagine losing all your trees and shrubs due to a disease that one single tree contracted.

Here are some common diseases tree care companies can save your trees from in order to ensure a successful and healthy landscape.

Powderly mildew is a common tree disease that is evident from the white, moldy patches that appear on leaves. Your tree care professional will spray fungicide and prune to nurse the plant back to health.

Phytophthora dieback is another disease that can be pruned away. Symptoms include brown leaves, cankers on the stems, rolled up and droopy leaves and girdled stems. When the tree is affected by phytophthora root and crown rot, the tree will have a slow decline that eventually will result in death. This can be avoided by providing adequate drainage and nutrition to the plant.

Nematodes can affect the tree’s growth and cause a yellowish, sickly appearance. Roots may have small to large galls that may be excessively branched. The roots will show evidence of dark brown or black lesions.

Scab is yet another disease your tree care specialist can stop from occurring with adequate care. The leaves will begin to show dark green or black velvety spots before they eventually turn yellow and fall away from the plant.

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