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No two Florida lawns are exactly alike in their needs, which is why we offer specialized lawn care. Bradenton FL residents deserve a company that will treat each lawn individually, not just with generalized treatment plans that don’t attend to specific needs. Lawn Care Extraordinaire has traditional and premium programs for St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass and Bahia grass. Each carefully designed program includes lawn pest control and weed control options. But what makes Lawn Care Extraordinaire truly extraordinary is that these programs include FREE service calls. To learn more about our premier lawn programs, call Lawn Care Extraordinaire for a FREE consultation!

Bradenton Lawn Care

Living in Florida sure has its perks, but one of the downfalls is that Florida lawns are always more susceptible to fungal infections because of our warmer temperatures. When a company offers region-specific lawn care, you will find better results than with a chain lawn care company. Our trained Bradenton lawn care technicians will apply fungicide to effectively protect your lawn from diseases such as brown patch and gray leaf spot. Let Lawn Care Extraordinaire take care of all your lawn fungus needs this season!

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Lawn Care Extraordinaire has the best solution to get rid of fire ants, which can be a painful pest to have lurking around your home and landscape. TopChoice is a revolution in fire ant control because a single application virtually eliminates fire ants for one year. Guaranteed. Additionally, TopChoice saves time and cuts costs to your lawn service. Bradenton homeowners who want to keep their family and pets protected from these biting and stinging insects should call Lawn Care Extraordinaire today and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our friendly technicians!

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