Tree Care: Common Tree Diseases

by on June 14, 2012

Trees contract disease for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they just do not receive the proper nutrition and do not have the resistance that a well-fed plant would have. Other times Sarasota trees are exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions that make it easy for disease and fungus to invade and take over the Sarasota tree. Here are some common Sarasota tree diseases that your Sarasota tree care professional should keep an eye out for.

One common disease is root rot. This is an especially dangerous fungus because they sometimes cannot be controlled by fungicides. The symptoms include wilted leaves, root decay and canker sores. Some Sarasota tree care professionals will recommend completely removing the plant and having it destroyed to save surrounding Sarasota trees from getting infected.

Another disease that commonly affects Sarasota trees is verticillium wilt. If a Sarasota tree is infected, its leaves will appear pale, wilt and fall off much earlier in the season than they should. Although the leaves are initially affected, eventually the entire Sarasota tree begins to show symptoms. If this occurs, it is best to remove the plant. Once the plant is removed, Sarasota tree care experts do not recommend planting in the same area again for another five or six years.

Shoot blights are another troublesome disease for Sarasota trees. This disease occurs mostly in the spring when heavy rains are common and the Sarasota tree itself is not in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Younger leaves may even turn black. If your Sarasota tree is infected, pruning may stop the disease from completely taking over the plant, however you should take care disinfect your pruning shears in between cuts. Tree care professionals suggest avoiding over-fertilization with nitrogenous substances.

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